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Not an employer? See Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers.

Do I need to register on HFOJobs?
If you represent an Ontario employer that is publicly funded or provides publicly funded services, you may post on HFOJobs. Review the Terms of Use before posting a position.

Step 1. Visit the Login or Register on HFOJobs page and choose Post a Job. Complete the registration form and you will receive an automatic e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address.

Step 2. Log in to your employer profile, and you will see your My Jobs dashboard. At the right, select the orange Add Job button. The prompts will walk you through adding and publishing the position.

Step 3. The job posting will appear on your dashboard with a status of Pending. Your first job posting will be sent to the HFOJobs team for approval before becoming live on the site. You will receive an e-mail notification with the live link as soon as your posting has been approved.

What is the difference between a job seeker and an employer account?
Both employers and job seekers must be logged in in to view posting details and application instructions.

Look for a job: Job seekers may receive information about programs and services offered by HealthForceOntario based on the information provided in their registration.

Post a job: Employers can create and manage postings.

Tip: If you identify as both a job seeker and an employer, we recommend that you register twice and maintain separate HFOJobs accounts for your job search and your postings. Note: you must use different e-mail addresses for each account.

I registered on HFOJobs but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your junk/spam folder and ensure that you are checking the correct e-mail account.

Send an e-mail to if you are still unable to login or if you cannot locate your confirmation e-mail.

How can I access and manage jobs that were created by another employee who is leaving or has already left my organization?
Whenever possible, it is recommended you change the user profile details prior to the employee’s departure from the organization. This can be done by logging into HFOJobs with the current user account and editing the name, e-mail address, and other details on the My Profile tab.

If the user is no longer at the organization and you cannot access their account, contact HFOJobs for assistance with changing the profile details.
Telephone: 416-862-2200 ext. 6
Toll-Free: 1-800-596-4046 ext. 6

The HFOJobs team will ask for written confirmation/approval from the organization before making any changes to an existing profile.

I am an employer/recruiter that posts on behalf of multiple organizations. How do I post jobs for different organizations?
You can post jobs for multiple organizations using one employer profile.

When posting a job, you will see a drop-down list of previously approved organizations. Select the organization for which you would like to post a job and click Next. If the organization is not included in this list, select Add a new organization and click Next.

The first posting for each new organization will appear on your dashboard with a status of Pending while it is sent to the HFOJobs team for approval before becoming live on the site. You will receive an e-mail notification with the live link as soon as your posting has been approved.

What types of jobs can I post on HFOJobs?
HFOJobs supports Ontario employers with full or partial public funding to post opportunities for:
  • Physicians (Family Medicine and Specialists)
  • Nurses (RN, RPN, and NP)
  • Mental Health and Addictions (including counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, social work, social service work and other related fields)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Physician Assistants (from accredited Physician Assistant programs)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physiotherapist Assistants
  • Speech Language Pathologists
Learn more about these professions.

What is a Physician Assistant?
Physician Assistants (PAs) support physicians in a range of health-care settings and work alongside physicians, nurses and other members of inter-professional teams to provide patient care PAs provide a broad range of medical services under the supervision of a physician.

Upon completion of an accredited PA education program (Canada or US), certified PAs work in a variety of clinical settings. For more information about the PA role, please visit HealthForceOntario’s Physician Assistant page or the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants.

The job description in a PA posting on HFOJobs must include requirements for hiring a PA certified or eligible to be certified through the Physician Assistant Certification Council of Canada (PACCC).

How do I post a position that could be filled by different professions?
Sometimes a position could be filled by a health professional in one of several different professions that is supported on HFOJobs. E.g. a Care Coordinator position would be appropriate for a nurse, occupational therapist, or physiotherapist.

Job seekers search based on their own profession filter and will not see positions created under other profession filters. So, the easiest way to be sure job seekers can find a posting that could be filled by applicants from different professions is to create one posting for each profession qualified to apply for the role.

How do I post a physician opportunity that could be filled by different specialties?
If the position you are posting for can be filled by a physician with training in different specialties, you may want to create one posting for each specialty qualified to apply for the role.

How do I post a family medicine position for a particular area of focus?
Because family medicine positions can have many areas of focus, employers can select a practice type such as Comprehensive, Clinic only, etc. Should a position be intended for a particular area of focus, we recommend choosing Practice Type = Other and specifying the details in the description and subject (if appropriate).

Tip: If you cannot find the specialty you are looking for, it may be listed as a subspecialty. E.g. if you are posting for Gastroenterology, first choose Internal Medicine as the specialty, and then Gastroenterology as the subspecialty.

Tip: If the position is for an administrative role or academic role you can select “Other incl. Administrative Positions” under specialty.

What is the difference between an Organization and a Site?
Every posting must be associated with one Organization and one Site.

  • Every time you post a new job, you will either create a new organization or select an existing organization. Then you will either create a new site or select an existing site for that organization. E.g. Organization = ABC Hospital, and Site =John Street Site

  • The Organization Name should be the name of the employer.
  • Each organization can have one or more sites. The site specifies the address for locating your posting accurately on the map.

  • To edit a site, choose Edit beside any posting and then Edit Address. Editing a site will modify that information for every posting that is associated with that site. When a site is edited, it will be sent to HFOJobs for approval.
Tip: Search by Employer Name for job seekers is based only on the Organization name.

Tip: Site Name appears beside the Organization Name in the job posting.

Tip: You can sort and filter your postings by Organization/Site in your My Jobs dashboard.

My site isn’t mapping properly, what do I do?
Enter a complete and accurate address for your site. Google might provide suggestions to help map your site; you have the choice to either continue with the address you entered or edit the address based on suggestions.

If the location on the map is incorrect and you are unable to fix the address, please contact or 1-800-596-4046 ext. 6 for assistance.

What is Job Type?
Every posting needs to specify a Job Type, based on the employer’s definition.

Tip: If a position could be either full time or part time, choose Full Time or Part Time and the position will appear in both types of job search.

What is a Locum?
A locum physician assumes another physician’s clinical duties on a temporary basis. Locum postings can be one of three different types:


  1. Locum
  2. Locum – NSLP
  3. Locum – RFMLP
Northern Specialist Locum Programs (NSLP) and Rural Family Medicine Locum Program (RFMLP) refer to locum programs administered by HealthForceOntario. If a locum position has not been pre-approved for one of those programs simply choose Locum.

How do I post a Locum Date Range?
When creating a locum job posting, you will be required to create at least one date range.

We recommend that you enter shorter date ranges that more accurately reflect your need and approach to locum planning. The job seeker will be able to view all the date ranges in a list as part of the posting.

There are two comment fields in each Locum Date Range. Use of these fields is recommended but not mandatory:
  • Comments - Add details that might be specific to the date range
  • Internal Notes - Use for internal notes only visible to the poster
Close this date range: If you want to close a date range before the dates have passed, find the posting on your My Jobs dashboard and click Edit. Choose the Locum Dates tab, and click Edit beside the appropriate date range. Check the box beside Close this date range and click Save.

Why is there an Expiry Date?
To ensure that postings remain current on the job board, they cannot have an expiry date more than six months in the future. If you do not select an expiry date, it will automatically default to 90 days from the current date.

You can change the expiry date at any time, or let your posting expire automatically. You can also renew the posting after it expires by changing the expiry date.

When you register, you are given the option of receiving an e-mail notification when your job posting is about to expire. You can review or change this preference in the My Profile tab.

Why doesn’t my locum posting have an expiry date?
Physician locum postings do not have an Expiry Date field like other postings. Instead, each date range expires on its end date, and the posting expires when there are no active date ranges.

What is Primary Compensation Type?
Please choose from the most applicable option from list of compensation types to reflect the method of compensation for the position. Include any additional compensation details in the job description field.

What is Practice Type?
Practice Type applies to Family Medicine jobs only. For all other physician jobs, please leave this field blank.

Family Medicine practice type options include:


  • Clinic only
  • Clinic plus optional ED, in-patient, LTC, OB, AN, etc.
  • Comprehensive (clinic plus required ED, in-patient, LTC, or OB, etc.)
  • ED only
  • Family Practice Anaesthesia
  • Hospitalist only
  • Other
Tip: ED = Emergency Department, LTC = Long-Term Care, OB = Obstetrics and Gynecology, AN = Anaesthesia, and Other is appropriate for house calls, surgical assist, palliative care, etc.

What is Return of Service (ROS)?
This field will be set automatically based on the location of the job. If a posting is ROS-eligible, the position would allow candidates to meet ROS contract obligations with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

What is a Teaching and/or Research Opportunity?
Some positions may include a teaching or research opportunity at a local university, college or institute or through distributed education.

What is Supervision?
Supervision refers to a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) requirement for physicians who are eligible for restricted registration through one of the CPSO’s registration policies. Organizations able to provide supervision may attract a larger pool of license-eligible candidates and thus increase the possibility of successful recruitment.

See CPSO Guidelines for College-Directed Supervision for further information, or e-mail

How do I write an effective job posting?
We strongly suggest that you keep your posting clear and concise, while entering as much detail as possible. Double-check all the details and make sure that you’ve included clear instructions for how to apply.

Recruitment Essentials: a toolkit written by recruiters, for recruiters.

What should be included in the posting title?
An effective posting title serves as a headline, drawing job seekers’ attention and enabling them to determine at a glance if they are qualified for the position. There is a 68 character limit for this field.

What do I need to consider if I’m applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment?
Employers considering candidates who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents may need to apply to Service Canada for a Labour Market Impact Assessment to support the issuance of a temporary work permit. Proof of advertising and recruitment efforts must be submitted with a Labour Market Impact Assessment application.

Service Canada requires that job advertisements include the following details:
  • Company operating name
  • Business address
  • Title of position
  • Job duties (for each position, if advertising more than one vacancy)
  • Terms of employment (e.g. project based, permanent position)
  • Wage
  • Benefits package (if applicable)
  • Location of work (local area, city or town)
  • Contact information: telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, fax number, or mailing address
  • Skills requirements (education and work experience)
Use the Job Description field to include any of the above details not listed in a field on the posting template.

See Service Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker website for further information on Labour Market Impact Assessment as well as the process for hiring a temporary foreign worker in a high-wage position.

What does the status beside my job posting mean?
Draft: The posting is in progress and has not been published. If it is ready to post, Edit and click Publish.

Pending or Reviewing: The posting has been sent to HFOJobs for review.

Active: The posting is live and visible to job seekers.

Expired: The posting is not live because the expiry date has passed. The posting can be renewed by extending the expiry date and clicking Publish.

Closed: The posting is closed and cannot be re-opened.

I created a job posting. Why can’t I see it on the site?
Your My Jobs dashboard will show you a complete list of your job postings along with their status. Only postings with the Active status are visible to job seekers.

Sometimes a posting requires approval from HFOJobs staff before it can go live on the site. If you click Publish and the posting status becomes Pending or Reviewing, it has been sent to HFOJobs for review.

There are various possible reasons for this:
  • It is your first posting
  • You created a new organization name
  • You created a new site
  • Other criteria that requires review, e.g. all postings for Physician Assistants, Personal Support Workers, or Mental Health and Addictions

How do I keep my posting relevant?
If your posting expires before the position has been filled, you can renew by logging into your employer account, clicking Edit beside the posting, and extending the Expiry Date.

If you allow the posting to expire, and then extend the expiry date, when you click Publish:
  • The updated posting will move to the top of job seeker results,
  • Search results will display the renewed date, while the posting details will display both the original posting date and the renewed date, and
  • A job alert will be sent out to job seekers whose filter criteria match the posting who have never received an alert for this posting.

Can I duplicate my posting to get more job seeker attention?
Active duplicate postings are not permitted on HFOJobs.

Tip: “Duplicate” means multiple postings that reflect the same opportunity(ies) - not simply postings that have identical content.

HFOJobs monitors posting activity looking for duplicate postings and other inconsistencies. If the agency finds duplicate postings, they will be closed on your behalf and you will be notified by e-mail. HFO urges you to review your current postings to ensure you do not have duplicates.

If HFO continues to find duplicate postings created by one poster, the agency will activate a setting that requires all postings for that poster to be reviewed and duplicates will be denied before they go live. This will last for a minimum of six months.

How do I edit a job posting?
In your My Jobs dashboard you can centrally manage all of your postings. You may use the filters provided to sort the jobs you want to see. You can sort by organization, profession, title, or status.

Find the job on your dashboard. Under the Actions column, click Edit to modify posting fields. To save changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save or Publish.

To permanently close your posting, select Close from the drop-down menu beside the posting.

Tip: You can modify the Job Type and Specialty (Medicine) or Category (Nursing) of an existing or cloned posting. Click Edit or Clone next to the desired posting and the first step will allow you to edit the Job Type and Specialty/Category.

Tip: Organization Name and Profession are the only elements you cannot edit in a cloned job posting.

How do I renew an expired posting?
Locate the specific expired posting on your dashboard, and select Edit from the Actions menu. Modify the Expiry Date field in the posting, and click Publish.

Tip: A posting that has been Closed cannot be re-activated.

Can I clone an existing posting?
There may be situations where you need to post multiple jobs that are almost identical in nature. The cloning tool allows you to conveniently copy an existing job.

To copy a posting using the cloning tool, locate it on your dashboard. Under the Actions column, click on the drop-down menu and select Clone. This action will duplicate the posting, which you can then modify as needed. When you have finished, click Publish to post the posting on HFOJobs. Please note this cloned job posting is considered a new posting.

Tip: If you simply want to update the information in your posting or bring it to the top of the search results, it may be better to let the posting expire and renew.

How do job seekers find my postings?
A job search begins by selecting a profession, and initially shows all results for that profession across Ontario. To narrow their search based on criteria - such as type of role, setting, employer, or location – a job seeker selects preferences for one or more filters and updates their search.

How does a job seeker apply for my job?
An interested job seeker will click on the orange Apply Now button in your posting. He or she will be directed to a new page with the instructions you entered in the How Candidates Apply field.

Be specific about what information you want from the job seeker and how they should contact you.

Tip: You can use this field to refer candidates to a job posting on your website. Please ensure the link is directed to the job posting, not the homepage.

What is a job alert?
Job Alerts are a free e-mail service that notifies a job seeker of new job postings that match their search criteria. Job seekers can unsubscribe at any time from within the e-mail they receive.

Job alerts are created on the Search Results page.
  1. Select your preferred criteria from the search filters
  2. Click Update Search
  3. Enter your e-mail address
  4. Read and agree to the HFOJobs Terms of Use
  5. Click Create Job Alert

What is Ontario Health (HealthForceOntario)?
HealthForceOntario Marketing and Recruitment Agency is now part of Ontario Health, a 21st-century government agency responsible for ensuring Ontarians receive high-quality health care services where and when they need them.

Ontario Health (HealthForceOntario) supports the government’s health workforce objectives and contributes to the planning, recruitment, retention, transition, and distribution of health professionals in Ontario.

Learn about the programs and services offered by Ontario Health's HealthForceOntario business unit.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any questions or you need assistance using HFOJobs, a representative will be happy to assist you Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM:

Telephone: 416-862-2200 ext. 6
Toll-Free: 1-800-596-4046 ext. 6